The Word of God Issue Settled

Due to the multiple false claims that have been put forward against the religion of Islam, Simply Seerah Studios has decided to start a series of Videos debunking all the False claims against our faith.

We’ve decided to start with one of the most Odd but also Dangerous Theological Fallacies that has become popular amongst many Christian Apologists. And that is the claim that since the Quran and Jesus are both called the “Word of God” in the Quran, then that must mean that Jesus existed eternally with God. Especially due to the fact that Muslims are not allowed to ever claim that the Quran is created.

So for the layman this seems like a very strong theological argument, and sadly still until this day many Christian Apologists put forward this argument in the hopes of converting less knowledgeable Muslims.

Therefore to stop this nonsense in it’s tracks, we’ve put forward an in depth theological presentation that will help settle this Missionary Fallacy once and for all.

Please share this video with others and always keep use in your Du’ah.

Jizak Allah Khair.

(Note: Everyone has our permission to repost this Video on their Channel so long as they do not edit it and provide a link to this video in the comments section. Thank you.)

Additional Note: I just want to provide some proof for any brothers or sisters who might hear from Christian Apologists that my comparison of the Word of Allah and Knowledge of Allah is false. Here’s a direct quote from Imam Ahamd.

” أسماء الله في القرآن ، والقرآن من علم الله ، فمن زعم أن القرآن مخلوق فهو كافر ، ومن زعم أن أسماء الله مخلوقة فقد كفر ” رواه ابنه صالح في ” المحنة ” (ص: 52، 66 – 67).

“Allah’s names are in the Quran, AND THE QURAN IS FROM ALLAH’S KNOWLEDGE, so whoever claims that the Quran is created is a disbeliever, and whoever claims ALLAH’s names and attributes are created has committed Disbelief.”

Just provide them with this and if they know what they’re talking about they’ll shut up and close the discussion. If not then it’s better to leave them anyways because they don’t have sufficient knowledge to talk about this subject.

I also have quotes from Shaykh Muhammad Al-Munajid which also support my argument. For those that read arabic that can go to his website and see for themselves: https://islamqa.info/ar/219613

We’d also like to provide a quote that proves it’s permissible to use the word “Reflection” of Allah’s word when describing the Quran.

In Ibn Taymiyyah’s letter addressing the very subject in our video he used an example of the Sun and the Earth and how even though the Rays of the Sun reach the earth and “Reflect” off of created objects from Earth, we do not say that then the Rays of the Sun have actually become a part of earth.

I will be releasing a long video discussing this topic more. But suffice it to say that this is more than enough proof that the logic I used was permissible and was actually the exact example used by Ibn Taymiyyah. The word in Arabic of Reflection is انعكاس which as we know is a Noun. The Verb of reflection is to Reflect, which in Arabic is ينعكس or انعكس and these exact two words were used by Ibn Taymiyyah when trying to explain the Quran to a Christian.

Here is the exact text taken from Ibn Taymiyyah’s work “Clarifying the Issue: “Jesus being Kalimatullah and Quran being Kallamullah.”

الثانى: أن الشمس نفسها لم تحل في الأرض و لا النور الذي قام بها فارقها و انتقل إلى الأرض, و لكن إذا قابلتها الأجسام انعكس عليها شعاعها, فالشعاع الحاصل على الأرض ليس هو عين ما قام بالشمس, بل حدث بسبب المقابلة كما أن السراج إذا كان في البيت حصل على الأرض و الحيطان و السقف نور ينعكس من شعاع السراج, و نفس النار الخارجة من السراج لم ينفصل عنها شيء و لا قامت صفتها بغبرها…

“Secondly: Verily the Sun itself doesn’t actually become the earth, and neither does it’s light that comes from it and goes to earth. But instead when (the Sun’s) Rays interact with objects it Reflects off of them…”

The Quote is located on Page 42 of his book. You can download it and see for yourself here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=ht…

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  • Farys

    Salaam. I love the work ur doing. I’m getting tired of watching the likes of some of these apologists lie about Islam to promote hate. I would love to help promote the true teachings of our beautiful religion. Keep up the good work.


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