If Hitler used Islamophobe’s Logic

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There was a time during the so-called “War on Terror,” that it appeared almost anything could be justified to capture or kill a suspected Terrorist.  Right Wing Extremists were able to exploit westerners fear for many years to justify some of the most horrendous human rights violations known to man.  So one day after listening to yet another new anchor justify the killing of a number of civilians to target a Terrorist, I thought to myself, “If Hitler were alive today, what type of Media Propaganda would he use to justify his mass slaughter of the Jews?”  Remember, there were Jews who were fighting back against the Nazis.  And of course to the German Government, the Jewish Rebels were also considered “Terrorists.”    I wonder if Hitler lived today would he have employed the same “30 civilians or less” rule that the United States hate when targeting terrorists (i.e. that if there are less than 30 civilians that will die in the bombing, that the officer didn’t need to get permission from higher up.)

These comics are made for you to think.  That’s all.  Please don’t think this in anyway condones Terrorism from Muslim Extremists.  I think any murder deserves whatever comes to them.  But…. I will never, never justify killing civilians to capture or kill a suspected Terrorist.  Never.  And neither should the civilized world.

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