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Jay Smith is Finally reunited with his Beloved…


Sometimes all you can do is laugh at Islamophobic hate preachers, such as Jay Smith.  For those that don’t know the backstory of what happened.  One Sunday in the heat of a debate, Jay Smith began going on a rant that he can’t find any pork products left in Harrow (i.e. because of Muslim influence.)  Later Jay would backtrack on what he said, claiming that it was just “Hyperbole” and that he was joking.  I guess we should take all his words as Hyperbole for now on.

Anyways, so as for the comic I made.  Well, I thought about what would’ve happened if Jay Smith really did think there was no more ham in Harrow, and then what would it look like the moment he walks into a Tesco and is reunited with his beloved pork chop.  I’m sure it was a very touching and emotional moment indeed.

You can read’s refutation of Jay Smith here:

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