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Musailamah’s Fake Revelation


Transcript of: Musailamah’s Fake Revelation
Lecture by: Shaykh Muhammad Al-‘Arafi
Translated by: Abu Ayoub from Simply Seerah


During the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) there was another man who tried to claim prophethood. His name was Musailamah Al-Kadhaab. (i.e. The Liar)
Musailamah also claimed to receive revelation from Allah. This is a hilarious story of what happened when one Companion first met Musailamah and heard his fake revelation.

Shaykh Al-Arafi says:

So there were some people who tried to bring something similar to the Quran. Musailamah is one of them. Musailamah for example started to make his own (verses), and he had devils and other things. And he has a long story. Until he produced a number of verses.

So once Musailamah came across ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas, and this was before ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas accepted Islam.

And so ‘Amr said to him, “Oh Musailamah, what is your story? So now you’re a Prophet and you are receiving revelation.”
He (Musailamah) said: “Yes I’m also a Prophet.”

Then Musailamah said: “Oh ‘Amr. Do you know what had come down to me yesterday?”

He replied: “What came down to you? (i.e. let us listen to your verses) What came down to you?”

And at this time Musailamah didn’t deny the Prophethood of the Messenger (pbuh). He believed that he was a Messenger. But he claimed, “I am one as well.”

And similarly this is what (he said) when he sent a letter to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When it first crossed his mind to say, “Hey I’m a prophet.”

He then sent a letter to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in which he said: “To proceed. Oh Muhammad, verily Allah has made me a prophet just like He made you a prophet. And if this letter reaches you, then let us divide the land into two halves.”

Please. It’s like it’s up to you. He’s acting as if he’s the creator or someone who can just order the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) around.

So he said, “If this message reaches you, then let us divide the land into two halves.”

After this the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “There’s no might or power except with Allah.”

He then told his companion, “Flip over the letter.”

So the companions flipped it over. The prophet (pbuh) said,
“Write: ‘Verily the earth is for Allah and He gives it to whoever He wants from his servants. And verily the end is for the believers.”

And he sent the letter back to him.

So later Musailamah runs across ‘Amr ibn Al-‘Aas. And ‘Amr asked him, “Alright Musailamah, so what revelation came down to you yesterday?”

‘Amr ibn Al-‘Aas is considered an intelligent man from amongst the Arab people. So you can’t play with him. You can just tell him two sentences and he’ll automatically believe you.

So he (Musailamah) said, “Revelation came down to me.”

So he asked, “Okay what came down to you?”

He said, “A Surah has come down to me similar to Surah al-Feel.”

“Don’t you (Muslims) have the verse, ‘Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the people of the Elephant?’ Well I have a revelation like Surah al-Feel as well.”

He (‘Amr) then said: “Let us hear it.”

He (Musailamah) then recited: “The Elephant. And what will make you know the Elephant? He has a long trunk, and a short tail.”

And that was the end of the verse.

Don’t you Muslims have Surat Al-Al-Kawthar which is 3 verses, this is 3 verses as well.

‘Amr al-‘Aas then just stared at him for a moment and then said, “Ok. So what else has come down to you?”

He (Musailamah) said, “Also it was sent down to me Surah Al-Dhifd’ah (i.e. the Frog).”

He (‘Amr) said, “Ok let me hear it then.”

He (Musailamah) said: “Oh Frog, you clean what you want to clean. Neither do you drink, nor do you disturb the mud.”

The End.

‘Amr stared at him and then said: “Oh Musailamah.”

He said, “Yes?”

‘Amr continued, “I swear by Allah, that you know that I know you’re a lair.”

[Laughter in the crowd]

Meaning: “There is no need for me to tell you I think you’re a liar. You know I think you’re liar.”

Even if I were to say, “Oh wow. May peace be upon (i.e. Amazing.)”

Meaning, “Even if I were to try to lie, there’s no way, there’s just some things that you can’t believe.

So he (‘Amr) said: “I swear by Allah, that you that I know you’re a lair. (i.e. There’s no need for me to… to even try to hide it.)”

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