Why Theresa May didn’t make a Bold Statement refusing the Headscarf


As most Right Wingers do, Theresa May on Tuesday decided to make her trip to Saudi Arabia into a publicity stunt.  And of course the subject of the Headscarf is like throwing chum into the sea of Islamophobic sharks which tread throughout the Right Wing in the UK.  So apparently Theresa May had refused to wear the Hijab on her visit to Saudi Arabia.  But one must ask, was her action unique?  Had no other women before her dare to show their lovely locks in front of the dreaded Saudi King who himself has female family members who have traveled to Europe without the Headscarf?

Well, if you were to follow the Tabloid media in the UK and US you would think so.  But the reality is a lot less dramatic than our friends on the Right try to make it out to be.  Creating a mountain out of a molehill seems to fit well in relation to Theresa May’s visit to Saudi Arabia.  Where her bold statement of showing her grey streaks appeared to be nothing more than business as usual the Saudi Monarch who has hosted a number of “Bareheaded” women diplomats over the years.

Take for instance Michael Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia last year.  She neither choose to wear the headscarf, nor did she use her trip to make some bold statement against Islamic culture.  You know why?  Because she isn’t a politician that exploits every possibility to spread hate and fear of the other.  Sadly though, many in the Right just seem to foam at the mouth and salivate like dogs whenever they hear anything that has to do with attacking Islam.GTY_michelle_obama_saudi_ll_150127_16x9_992.jpg

And let’s not pretend that Theresa May actually cares about women or their overall safety and well being.  Just look at the horrendous lifestyle women who work in the sex industry have to live in Europe and South East Asia.  Do we even hear a peep from the likes of Theresa May or her party about those women and their Human Rights?  Do we hear anything at all about the constant “Date Rapes” that happen across the UK to girls that go to night clubs, become overtly intoxicated and then are essentially raped by men because they’re to drunk to consent?  No.

So to Theresa May and the rest of her party, please stop trying to mask your attempts to make yourself appear to be Racially and Culturally superior to Arabs and Muslims and first fix your own house before you go and try to criticize someone else’s religion and culture.

Oh and by the way, you didn’t seem to mind wearing the Hijab when it could get you votes in your own country.  Again double standards.


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